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Central heating dublin

We are a certified provider of central heating solutions in Dublin. Our comprehensive services cover everything from installation to servicing, ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable year-round. Let's explore how central heating works, our installation and servicing options, general costs, and maintenance tips to keep your system running efficiently.

What is Central Heating?

Central heating is a heating system that provides warmth to the entire interior of a building from one point to multiple rooms. It typically consists of a central boiler or furnace that heats water or air, which is then distributed throughout the building via pipes, radiators, or ducts. This efficient heating method ensures consistent warmth and comfort throughout your home.

diagram of central heating in a home
installing a heating unit into a home
Installation Services

At DDV, we specialize in expert central heating installation tailored to your home's specific needs. Our experienced technicians handle every aspect of the installation process, from selecting the right boiler or furnace to installing pipework and radiators. We prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your central heating system is installed to the highest standards.

Servicing Options

Regular servicing is essential to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your central heating system. We offer professional servicing options to keep your system running smoothly. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections, clean components, and perform necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Schedule regular servicing with us to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.


The cost of central heating installation can vary depending on factors such as the size of your home, the type of system installed, and any additional features or upgrades. As a rough guide, typical installation costs in Dublin range from €2,500 to €5,000, including labor and materials. For servicing, prices can vary depending on the extent of the work required. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.

Maintaining your central heating system

To keep your central heating system running efficiently, regular maintenance is key. Here are some tips to maintain your system:

  • Schedule annual servicing to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

  • Bleed radiators regularly to release trapped air and improve heat distribution.

  • Check boiler pressure and temperature settings periodically.

  • Insulate pipes to prevent heat loss and freezing during colder months.

  • Keep vents and air registers clean and unobstructed for proper airflow.

At DDV, we're dedicated to providing top-quality central heating solutions in Dublin. Contact us today to schedule your installation, servicing, or maintenance appointment and experience the difference our expertise can make in keeping your home warm and comfortable.

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YEVGENIY Google review

3 months ago

2 Reviews

Dave is fantastic. He did a bunch of heating & plumbing work around our house: replace the thermostat, fix a few TRVs, replace several radiators, and so on. He did the work quickly and professionally. Also, he was very helpful in understanding what needed to be done, and making sure we got the services we actually needed, rather than charging for whatever he could. Thanks Dave!

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