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Heat pumps


When doing a Heat Pump Installation we use state of the art heat pump systems and pride ourselves in knowing the latest technology out on the market so you the user will be future proofed for years to come.  


We only use air to water heat pumps as these are the least invasive option to install in new and retro fit situations.

Air source heat pumps run in a similar fashion to refrigerators but in reverse. The pump uses a fan to draw outside air across an evaporater and compresses it thus raising the temp and it converts this heat into the water side of the unit so it can be used in radiators or underfloor heating. They have COPS of up to 4.5- meaning for every unit of power needed to run the heat pump it can create 4.5 times that energy. They can work in temps as low as –15 and are suited to the Irish climate.

There are now Grants of €6500 available for Heat Pump installation, contact `DDV for more information.

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