Solar Panel Installation Services In Dublin

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is the cleanest, most abundant and the most cost effective, simplest low carbon energy solution for all types of buildings.

We install solar panels to convert the light energy from the sun into electricity and so provide truly renewable form of energy. Solar energy is not new. Building methods have for many centuries taken account &the sun's movements in optimizing its warmth and light.

Solar electric systems harness the sun's energy in order to produce electricity for running household appliances, domestic heating and lighting. The technology has been around for decades and has been used by NASA to power satellites orbiting the earth.

The solar panels consist of flat panels that you attach to your roof or outside wall. Each home solar panel consists of small PV cells which convert sunlight into electricity using thin layers of silicon to trap the sun's rays. They are extremely durable and reliable with possible life spans over 40years.

Although the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity that can be produced, solar panels do not need direct sunlight but operate on radiated light.
Therefore even on cloudy or overcast days they can generate electricity, on occasions more electricity because of the reflection of sunlight.

Underfloor Heating

Over the last 10 years underfloor heating has started to become one of the most popular ways of heating homes. One of the main benefits is reduced gas bills due to the fact that underfloor heating allows the boiler to run at lower temperature.

Large open floor areas can now be successfully heated without any cold spots; no more unsightly radiators and the heat where you want it at low level not high level.

D.D.V. Plumbing & Heating Ltd has installed underfloor heating systems which have been integrated with the latest green technology.

Underfloor heating

There are three types of floor construction that underfloor heating can work with:

  • Solid floor construction
  • Timber suspended
  • Heatrack Systems

New Homes

Whether it is a one-off new house build or a new housing development, We have completed full heating and plumbing installations in hundreds of new houses.

We can supply and install heating solutions for any new house build or new housing development. We take a holistic approach to each project and by using a variety of suitable products we provide our client with the best solution for their needs. We provide a wide range of heating systems to meet all your requirements. Our products include, solar panels, underfloor heating, and wood pellet boilers. We also install and maintain traditional oil and gas heating systems. Many of our products benefit the environment by producing clean, green enemy.

They also benefit your pocket by lowering your energy bill in the long term. As a progressive and forward thinking company, we provide consistent and thorough training programmes to all our staff to remain at the cutting edge of the market.


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